“ I have been using an Azom Exigo from my college days and that machine really performed well. In fact, 5 years+, it’s still running strong. Now I have stepped into the professional world and as expected my compute requirements have gone up. I work in architecture visualization field and most of the software (auto desk, Maya , blender etc.) I use, heavily rely on GPU compute along with few third party plug-ins which are CPU compute based.

It was time to bid adieu to my Exigo and look for a current gen offering which fits my compute requirements. After Covid, the way we work has changed. Now its a mix of work from home, few office days and some onsite client visits. Desktop was definitely out of question.

Finally gave a call to Azom to check out their offering and voila - “ Hello Legion V4!”.


Build Log -


CPU - Intel i7-11700K (125W Desktop)

GPU - Nvidia 3070 8GB MXM (Non-Max Q / Non - LHR)

RAM - 32GB (2 x 16GB) DDR4

SSD - 512GB NVMe M2 Gen 3x4

OS - Windows 10 Pro OEM

Azom Experience -

One of the best things about Azom which they have retained since beginning is that they never oversell and always understand the requirements to propose a solution. Had long technical discussions with their team very similar to one when I was buying Exigo and finalized on Legion V4.

This time the delivery took a bit longer around 3 Weeks but it was worth the wait.

Legion V4 is a definitive upgrade considering their previous line ups.


Below is a quick Pro / Con list -

Pros -

Now the entire body is a magnesium alloy along with metallic lid cover.

Keyboard now has per key RGB along with much better press feel compared to older generations.

Screen is LG IPS with very good color re-production.

Desktop Grade components with no compromise on performance.

Tier I cooling. Never crossed 75C on full loads on both CPU & GPU.

Fan DB is much more optimized compared to older generations.

Cons -

Weight. 4.8 KGs. They named it correctly, it’s not a laptop but a desktop replacement.

Battery - Did not have much expectation. They did upgrade the battery to 97WH, but still, max I have been able to squeeze out is around 2 Hrs.

Dual Power Adapters - Now the system requires two power bricks. They did provide a bracket to hold them together , but still that's some crazy power requirements.

Bottom line, this machine has become a game changer for me. It provides all the power to match my expectations, can be carried to places for work, also they have retained the top notch product quality and the support ecosystem around it. Thanks Arindam & Team for this awesome product." - Shreyas


This concludes Shreyas's Customer Spotlight. We would like to thank him again for choosing Azom for his computing needs and supporting a small Indian business during Covid 19 Pandemic. Wishing him all the best for his future endeavors.

Stay Safe!


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