"Hello, My name is Mukhar Roy, and for those who don’t want to read everything, inline is a brief of my experience with Exigo -

Pros -
  • In India, Best Laptop after sales service hands down. That includes fast replies(Email, etc.), very professional behaviour.
  • Under warranty, if some part gets damaged and they don’t have it on stock, they will upgrade you without any charges untill stocks arrive.
  • Laptops normally thermal throttle, but this doesn't. Heat dissipation design is really good.
  • Peace of mind if you have 3 years warranty.
Cons -
  • Bulky and heavy which effects its portability.
  • Battery back up is not that impressive.
  • If nitpicking, display has some IPS glow.
  • You won’t be able to find any more problems which they can’t fix or replace.


Story Time -

Trust me I won’t be able to tell all the stories in this short feedback. So long story short, I am an occasional gamer and video editor (mainly premiere pro). I travel a lot so needed a gaming laptop which can handle AAA Titles. I was a desktop user, but with travel requirements, a laptop was need of the hour.

My hunt for laptops started back in 2016 so, I was looking into some branded options, but they were overpriced. I was super confused because 1.5 lac investment is no joke. One day I was surfing amazon and saw a 5 star rated laptop with an unbelievable configuration. At first I was very suspicious because I never heard of this brand so, I was looking into its specifications and I saw the name clevo and I googled it and realised that this bare bone is used by lot of premium system integrators across the globe.

It got me interested! I started looking for Azom reviews as much as possible before contacting them. Got my assurance through a you tube content creator who was using their system. Went ahead and got in touch with their team through their website.

Within one day they responded and explained each and everything to me about customized bare bone concept. I had a lot of follow through calls and they were as professional as it gets and the rest is history.

My Experience -

My first bare bone was perfectly fine for about 2 years but after that my GPU got damaged, sad thing is that I only took the 2 year’s warranty package(Pro tip – go for a 3 year’s warranty package).

Even after my warranty was finished they looked into my laptop and provided a viable solution. This is one of the best after sales service which I have received. My first bare bone was EXIGO V2, Thanks to plug & play architecture, I was able to upgrade to Exigo V3, using components from older machine in a very cost effective manner. These guys really understand what Price vs. Performance means.

Closing Thoughts -

Branded or After Market; Electronic Devices Fail! For me, apart from configuration, after sales service was an important aspect of purchase. If you are looking for a mobility compute solution for the long haul, these guys will spoil you with their offering.

Side Note – Chilled out Founders " - Mukhar

This concludes Mukhar's experience with Azom Exigo. We would like to thank him again for choosing Azom for his compute needs and supporting a small business. Wishing him all the best for his future endeavours.

Before we sign off, we would like to shed some thoughts on Covid 19. Small businesses around the world beard the brunt of Covid 19 lock downs and we were no exception. For the past two months, our operations were at standstill. As the lock down norms have been eased, we have been able to restore our operations with limited capabilities and it's a long journey ahead to normalcy.

A heartfelt thanks to all our customers who believe in Azom and share our passion for computing; we exist because of you! Even though times are challenging ahead, we are determined to move forward and re-define performance computing.

"Roughest Seas Seeks the Strongest Navigators. Let's Be Steady! This is not the End."
Stay Safe.

Arindam Ghosh - Founder - Azom Systems

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