Mudit is based out of Mumbai and works in Corporate Sector. He specializes in Data Science & Machine Learning by Day and is an Avid Gamer by Night. He was looking for a mobility solution to fullfill his day to night compute requirements and went with Azom Exigo.

Azom Experience

"I will divide this section into 3 parts -

  1. Pre-Sales
  2. Delivery and Product Use
  3. Post Sales

I was looking for a powerful machine and technically checked for every heavy duty laptop on-line. However, I was not able to zero in on what to buy, due to either budget, configuration or reviews. Then I got to know about Azom from Amazon's website (one feedback you guys need to spend some on Marketing). I got in touch with Azom and believe me the technical prowess these guys showed was just excellent. They explained how the laptops are manufactured with the Desktop CPUs, they discussed my computing need at length and then suggested the best possible configuration keeping my budget in mind. This discussion itself gave me confidence I was making the right decision.         

Delivery and Product Use

Delivery was on time, there was a constant follow-up from Azom's side if I have received the product and the product came in excellent condition. I have been using the laptop for 4 years now and there has been no complaint what so ever. I have played some of the most demanding games available in the market (Hitman, Hitman 2, Dota 2, Resident Evil - II, Sniper Elite 4 & 5 and many more) all at maxed out settings. Getting perfect FPS. I have used the laptop to do some heavy duty data science projects. I have made a set-up where the laptop is connected to a big screen and use this as a primary source of entertainment and work. 

There has been no expectation reality miss-matches here. The laptop and the charger as told during pre-sales are heavy (one feedback here if possible please reduce the weight of the charger at-least)

Post Sales

Recently I fell into the problem of the laptop heating up and shutting down. I connected with the team again and trust me the experience again was really amazing - despite my product being out of warranty they helped me and gave me directions what may have been a problem. Now one more beautiful thing about the product is it is compartmentalized  which means you don't have to open the whole machine if you want to service/ change one particular part. So I could myself open the system and clean the processor fans apply the paste and again good-to-go. (This is something you'll never get in those big names because they want to earn money from servicing as well). 


So overall, I would give 10/10 on my pre-sales experience
9/10 on product usage and performance (one mark just for the heavy charger - I am sure now technology is good enough to may be make the charger lighter)
10/10 on post sales. 


Good job you guys and thank you for 4 years of amazing gaming and computing experience I enjoyed and will continue to enjoy may be for another couple of years (only reason I see me changing the system is if something dramatically new comes in the market and would be interested in it. This laptop I am sure will still keep on running" - Mudit

This concludes Mudit's - Customer Spotlight. We would like to thank him again for choosing Azom for his compute needs and supporting a small business. Wishing him all the best for his future endeavors.



Founder - Azom Systems

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