"I am Aprameyo. I was essentially excited by all new technologies and high performance computation amongst all of the seemed within reach, thanks to Azom.

I went through a rigorous consultation phase with their team and finally arrived on custom spec suited to me. I was into gaming and the build completely satisfied my needs and still does to this date. 60fps at 1080p and all AAA titles, what else could you want.

I completely drove the system to the limits while I trained multiple neural networks for my engineering projects. It is a fabulous machine, period.

CPU – i7-6700 Desktop Grade
GPU – Nvidia 980M MXM – 8GB
SSD – 128GB
HDD – 1TB – 5400RPM
Azom Experience:

The machine performs seamlessly in all situations. Instant load times, crisp screen and an excellent colour gamut. It’s easy on the eyes and visuals look stunning as well. The GPU is the main player – I bought this laptop in 2016 and its performance is beyond what I wanted. I have really pushed it to its limits and the EXIGO doesn’t seem to make any fuss about it.

The team is extremely helpful, particularly when my adapter had stopped working. Azom team quickly provided me with a spare one and it has not had any issues since. I really loved a few of the technical discussions I had with the team regarding the spikes in the disk transfer rates in the SSD. This really makes you feel involved with this machine and is really appreciated. I have opened up the laptop and replaced the SSD when some issues came and that also was a wonderful experience even though it did cost a bit.

I run my simulations, play games and do my research and EXIGO is the perfect companion for all of this." - Aprameyo

This concludes Aprameyo's experience with Azom Exigo. We would like to thank him again for choosing Azom for his compute needs and supporting a Small Indian Business. Wishing him all the best for his future endeavours.


Arindam Ghosh

Founder - Azom Systems

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